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We tried playing fair. Now we're pissed.

ok, so there's been a bit of questions about the shirts. they are very high quality cotton and printing (no basement homemade press or anything) and the color ash that is available is like a grey with white specks, you know what I'm talkin about. shipping is included with everything. I know you all can afford a sticker so buy one already! if someone wants to be awesome and buy a bunch then email me and of course we can work out a deal. Also for those of you in the Austin area, I will sell shirts cheaper if you want to arrange a pick up so that postage is not necessary. just send me an email


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Hello to everyone. A brief intro: I am a Texan. I don't like Bush. After the couple day shock of the election was over I was getting so sick of seeing the W04 stickers on every fucking SUV I saw taking up both lanes while driving. This idea came to mind, very simple: Bush sucks and those stickers really suck, hence the design you see. The more and more I read of election fraud I became outraged in part because of the blatant fraud that went on and more in part because of the blatant lack of media coverage. The administration wants us to be ignorant children and they treat us as such. so this is my childish and ignorant response to a fucking administration that could give a shit about its non campaign funding citizens. Please take the time to view the links and endless counts of voter fraud that occurred Nov. 2 2004. Please buy my shirts and stickers as they are a great stocking stuffer for the kiddies and more importantly a portion of proceeds will go to democracnow.org the last truly free American media outlet. With help from Democracy Now and media coverage like theirs, we may once again turn America into a true Democracy.

I have decided to donate my proceeds to democracy now instead of blackboxvoting.org because although I feel strongly about the results of the election and the fraud that went on, I realize the chances of getting anything proven are very slim and so I decided that money donated to a true free press organization like democracy now would be better spent.

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